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What is ITeezy all about?
ITeezy is a new site that caters to both IT providers and customers. A community driven site, it allows IT professionals to post services that they offer at a fixed rate where buyers can easily select and purchase these services. Members participate on the site by posting suggestions, comments and reviews of services as well as have the opportunity to take an active role in being moderators, administrators and editors within the ITeezy community.

How is the ITeezy different from other existing services? is designed to transform the process of online purchasing and offering of IT services, by providing a low-friction, social content driven community and one-stop online marketplace for. It makes the transaction between both parties more efficient.

Why buy service listings at ITeezy?
Being a centralized place to find IT services online, the ITeezy site is designed to make it easy for buyers to find the right service for their IT needs -

  • Our listings are conveniently grouped in categories, making it simple to browse through and find the specific service buyers need
  • Buyers can view the list of services offered at competitive prices - which gives the first time IT service buyer, a clear cut view of what prices to expect when purchasing a particular service.
  • Buyers can also have the option to choose what type of delivery they wish to obtain their service - may it be delivered remotely or on-site.

One the best things about ITeezy is that it's also a site that's built and run by members themselves who specialize in the field of Information Technology, so you'll be sure to find the best of what you can when looking for IT services online.

Why sell services at ITeezy?
ITeezy offers an all-in-one place for buyers to find and purchase IT services. With its potential to become one the fastest growing IT services directory online - what better place to market your business and sell your service?

At the Beta stage, we are currently offering services free of cost, so that providers will have the opportunity to discover the advantages of listing at ITeezy. It's a risk free chance to gain more exposure to a new online market, so why not try it now?

How do I become a member?
To get started as a member, you can register via the Create Account link found at the top of our pages.

As a member, you will become part of a great community of IT service providers who can either help you in your business by contributring their skills and know-how, or be collaborators in IT projects you undertake as a service provider.


How do I become a provider?
At ITeezy, providers are individuals or companies that are in the business of offering their IT expertise to the public. As a provider, you can list services that you offer on, making them available to the many buyers visiting the site daily.

To become a provider, all you need to do is to register. Once registered, you will have the option to become of a provider on your My Account page, where you can fill up information about your business and the types of service you'll able to offer to members of the ITeezy community.

Why have a Provider profile?
For individuals, a provider profile at ITeezy opens up many opportunities for them to gain new clients as well as interact with many other IT professionals within the ITeezy community.

Within the provider profile, IT professionals can easily list services that they offer as well as enter a detailed description of their background and experiences. With our verification services, providers can also add verified certifications to their profile.

Managing services is also simple - with our online tools, providers can easily track orders and projects they've acquired all in one roof.

Can I register as a company on ITeezy?
Providers can either have an individual profile or a company profile on ITeezy. If you wish to have a company profile, you can add it when logged on to your Provider Account.

Under the change section, click on the Add Company Profile link which will enable you to list information particular to your company as well as add employees to your profile who are also members of the ITeezy community.

Why have an ITeezy company profile?
A company profile allows for business to showcase their services and achievements to a centralized community that offers specialized services in IT. Being a portal that provides specific Information Technology services, getting a company profile is one of the best ways for your organization sell your services to a targeted market.

Businesses can also have employees listed under their company profile - as such, companies can have employees registered as individual providers that also show up as affiliated to their organization. Managing your employees can easily be done on your Provider Account under the Change module - just click on the Delete/Approve employees link.

How do I list my services?
Creating your own listing is fast and easy. When you access your Provider Account page, just click on the 'Create a New service listing!' button to begin listing your services.

How much does this service cost?
During our beta phase, all the listing fees and purchase fees are waived and free of charge. Prices will be posted in advance before the end of beta program.

How can I list my certifications on my profile page?
Certifications are automatically posted when you purchase verification services from one of our Verifiers. You can browse through the Certification Verifications category to find the verification service suited for you.

How can I protect myself from non paying buyers?
We encourage providers to create service listings that take a short amount of time to complete. For example, if you are listing a service that requires 5 hours to complete, you break it up into two listings of 3 hours and 2 hours instead.

Are off-site transactions allowed?
Transactions done outside ITeezy are not allowed. Those who circumvent the platform will be penalized and providers who encourage customers to purchase the service outside of ITeezy will be suspended and possibly be banned from the site.


What are the different listing formats that you offer on the site?
There are two ways in which providers can list their services on the site: by putting up a customized Unique listing or adding their business to one of our Joined service listings.

What is a Unique listing?
A Unique listing is a customized service listing that a Provider can create. This can be initiated when you click on the 'Create a new service listing' link on your Provider Account page. In Unique listings, you will be the one who will fill in the title, service description and the fixed price of the service that you offer (as opposed to a joined listing, which is discussed below).

What is a Joined listing?
A Joined listing is a premade listing where the description of services is already prefilled. In a Joined listing, a price range is stated rather than a fixed price. Providers are asked to set their own price within the maximum and minimum price range provided for the service they wish to join.

If providers feel the price range isn't befitting of the service, they are encouraged to suggest a more suitable price to help us determine the optimum price range for the joined listing.

What is the purpose of having a minimum and maximum price range for providers posting in Joined listings?
This is done to account for the different economic zones that Providers service.

How can I add my services to a Joined listing?
To add your services to a Joined listing, you can browse through the categories on the site to find the Joined service listing that you wish to enlist in and click on the 'Join this listing' link.

Can I create a new Joined listing?
Joined listings are created by Administrators on our site who are also members of the ITeezy community.

How many unique service listings can I create?
Providers can create five (5) Unique listings

How many joined service listing can I enlist in?
Providers can join ten (10) Joined listings on the site.

Is there a way for me to increase the number of listings allowed for my account?
In the beta version, the limit cannot be increased. When the site fully launches, there will be paid memberships that will allow for more listings per provider.

How long will my listing stay up?
There is no time limit on how long your listings will stay up.

I need to change the details of my listing. How can I edit it?
You can manage the listings you've created on your Provider Account page. Under the Listings and Order section, you can click on the Created service listings link or Joined service listings link to update and delete unique service listings or disjoin Joined listings.

You can also access the page to update your listing via the 'Update listing' link found on the details page of each service listing.

I cannot find a category that suits the services I provide, can I suggest a category to be added?
You can suggest a category to be added by contacting one of our site Administrators.

Why can't I change my short description?
As listings don't expire, it is good practice to show customers the same result they have seen initially when they search for the service for the first time - this the reason why short descriptions cannot be changed. You can, however, have the option to delete your current listing and recreate it with the changed short description

Can I incorporate my own checkout service on the site?
As all listings allow valid HTML code, providers can post a link in the listing to their payment. Javascript, however, is currently filtered out. After our beta program is complete, providers will have full featured API to integrate their payment gateway with.

My listing got suspended. Why?
A listing will get suspended if it violates the Terms stated for User Content on our site. If you have a listing that was suspended and wish to appeal the suspension, you can contact one of our Administrators who can review this matter for you. Meanwhile, we encourage you to view the Terms at this link to prevent any other occurrences of suspended listings.


How can you ensure the quality of the service listings provided on ITeezy?
Staff members will be monitoring all ITeezy activities and going ons. Our ultimate goal at ITeezy, is to become a community driven site which relies on its members to create a professional environment, one that both fosters and ensures trust and integrity.

As our site grows, select members will become accredited (by our staff) and share in the roles and duties of ITeezy employees. These individuals will monitor all activities on the site, such as (but not limited to) the reviewing listings, issuing warnings and taking necessary actions on listings and accounts that violate the site's terms. Buyers are also encouraged to review and rate providers, which also help to ensure the quality of service that providers offer on the site.

How do I choose which service provider is the right one for me?
Reviewing the provider's Profile page is the best way to determine whether or not a particular provider is the right one to purchase services from -

  • The profile page shows basic information about each provider, the services that they offer and details on their terms of service.
  • The profile page also links to the provider feedback page which shows a rating based on a grading system of A+ to F-. Ratings are given by past customers, which gives an overview of each provider's record in offering services on the site.
  • Each profile page has a link to ask the provider a question, which allows for buyers to contact their provider first before purchasing services from them. Also, providers are encouraged to include their contact information on their listings and profiles.

Buyers are encouraged to visit the profile page before purchasing as it provides a vital tool in gathering information that buyers need before engaging in a transaction with a service provider.

How do I go about purchasing a service?
Purchasing a service is fast and easy. After reviewing the description and terms in listing, you can click on the Buy button to commit to purchase an item. You will be taken to a page to confirm your contact information and be able to proceed through the provider's checkout page.

Please note that once you commit to buy the service, you will be expected to pay for it. Before committing to buy, customers are strongly urged to contact the provider first, and clarify service delivery details and payments.

Customers will also be informed that if they accumulate one or more non-payment infractions, they may be banned from the site.

Can it be set up that I can pay an initial amount and then pay the Provider the full amount after the job is completed?
Payment terms vary from one provider to another - in this case, before purchasing a service, please check with the Provider if you wish to make specific payment arrangements.

What can I do if the Provider does not deliver the service that I purchased?
We encourage open communication between the provider and buyer to resolve any issues during their transaction. Providers are asked to supply all the necessary contact information in their profiles such as a telephone number or a physical address where buyers can easily reach them.

ITeezy also has an infraction system in place where Buyers can report an infraction using the link on the service listing or on the provider's profile. When submitting an infraction, buyers are urged to include the order number with details of what occurred. A review will be conducted and the provider will be asked to amend the situation (if they are at fault). Affected listings may be suspended.

If the provider is listed in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) buyers can also file an online claim against the provider at the BBB site ( If the provider claims to be a member of the local chamber of commerce, buyers can verify his or her reputation with chamber.

Does the site have a dispute resolution system in place?
A fully integrated dispute resolution system will be provided as an API to ITeezy online partners. After the beta program is over, buyers will have a choice of resolution center solutions.

What do I do if I wish to get in contact with the provider directly?
In the spirit of being an open market place, providers are encouraged to create full disclosure on their profile with all their contact info as well as full portfolio and web links of their works on their ITeezy profile. ITeezy also offers customers the option for private communication via the 'Ask a Question link' on the listing page in case they don't wish providers to have direct access to their contact info.

You can also get the contact information of the provider once you place an order, as the contact information of both parties will appear on the order page


What are the responsibilities of a community Administrator?
As an Administrator, members will have the responsibility of creating and managing Joined listings, review reported infractions, suspend listings that are in violation of the site's terms and approve Verifiers.

How do I become Administrator?
Any member can apply to be an Administrator. If you wish to be an Administrator, you can send an application request here.

What is a Verifier?
A verifier is a company or individual that offers the service of verifying credentials and certificates.

How can I apply to become a Verifier?
To apply to become a Verifier on our site, please visit this link.

What is an Editor?
Editors are members of the site that review service listings and have the ability to issue warnings on listings that may violate site terms.

How can I apply to become an Editor?
To become an Editor, members will need to be active members on ITeezy by posting reviews, suggestions, sending referrals to the site, as well as being active Buyers or Providers. After you reach a certain rank based on your activity on the site, you may choose to become an Editor. You can check your ranking anytime by logging on to your Provider Account page and clicking on the link to 'Check how far you are from being an Editor'.



Can I get a refund on my listing?
During our beta stage, there will be no charges for listings. Once our beta stage ends, listing fees will be charged and will be non-refundable.

If an order is cancelled, is my purchasing fee refunded?
During our beta stage, there will be no purchasing fee charges. After our beta stage ends, purchasing fees will be refunded automatically if the customer cancels the order or the provider issues a full refund on the order made by customer.

Is my membership fee refundable?
During our beta stage, there are no membership fees. After our beta stage ends, memberships will have a 14-day trial period before they are charged (not available in beta program). After that, refunds will be prorated by each month of usage.